Where’s It At? (9/7/18)

Where’s It At? (9/7/18)


Hello hello, welcome back monsters! It is I, the Where’s It At Goblin, and as you have hopefully already realized, this is not a video. On the contrary, it is a text post!

We are doing some reorganization at the Thrill, and the fact of the matter is the previous work schedule of weekly Where’s It At? content is untenable, and its demands broke all of our video editor Michael Lahanas‘ bones. (He’s the reason for every Where’s It At? you’ve ever enjoyed.) Because of this, he is now just a shuffling mass of jagged skin, flopping around wherever his skeletal fragments allow him to go.

This is not to say that there will never be a Where’s It At? video again, nor that Michael’s bones will never heal. It just means that Where’s It At? for now is going to be a text thing. I tried to make it a PowerPoint thing, and it failed so spectacularly I will only include it below for the morbidly curious and culturally masochistic, that you may witness the sloppy afterbirth of this atrocious post.

“Honestly Chris, just do whatever. I have no reputation here.”–Michael Lahanas

YOU: Hey Chris, where’s it at?

ME: This weekend? It’s at:

    • Between Snowden and Unity House, Friday at 5pm!
    • There’s gonna be pizza. There’s gonna be music. There’s gonna be face painting and zine-making. What more do you want?
    • Warwick Farm, Saturday at 1pm!
    • Come see Kenyon’s dance students perform site-specific choreography as part of their Knox County Barn Tour!
    • You already know what it is.
    • Old Kenyon West Lounge, Saturday at 10pm!

Music Credit: “Mooo” Doja Cat.


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