10 o’clock list: Possible Names for Sunset Cottage’s New Sibling!


The construction is underway and taking its sweet, sweet time. The excitement of the new buildings are also on the rise. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY is curious to see what these new buildings are going to look like, taste like, smell like, and most importantly : WHAT THEY’RE GOING TO BE CALLED! Kenyon is a writing heavy community and our cute little Sunset Cottage is getting a sibling and we can’t wait to speculate possible baby names!

  1. “Undeclared”-Probably English. Just like the majority of undeclared majors here at Kenyon who can’t seem to admit to themselves they’re going to be an English major, this name seems quite fitting for the new English house that has yet to be completed.
  2. Sarah Heidt House. I mean, yeah. We all love Sarah Heidt. She’s got to have a house named after her.
  3. Young Writers Only If you don’t know what young writers is you don’t deserve to enter this new dwelling that fosters the young writers of Kenyon College.
  4. The New and Improved MSSC (Math and Science Students Crying) If you thought the writing center was helpful just you wait!
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSry5-qfVFs (Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers)  Pending pending –construction will be over approximately at this time! Just click the link and enjoy!

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