How to Walk Across Campus Without Seeing a Mod

no mod map

Kenyon is a walking campus!

Here at the Thrill we love map content. We’re just really into researching the best places to do things and making sure that we all know what Kenyon looks like in case the simulation glitches and we have to restart from memory. And why wouldn’t we love it? Kenyon has shown up on multiple “Most Beautiful Colleges” reports that we all pretend to not care about but show to our relatives at the Thanksgiving table when they ask, “So why do you go to a tiny school in the middle of nowhere?” Unfortunately, the presence of hulking modular units popping up around campus complicates this quite a bit. Just seeing one can cause early-onset Kenyon Krud and flashbacks to middle school art classes in mods that they promised would just be temporary. But don’t worry! We have the cure. Here’s the scenic route for getting you from Old Kenyon to the New Apts without catching a glimpse of the interim study spaces.

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