Kenyon Buried: Your definitive guide for how to find a relationship on campus after death


Kenyon married. Although it may seem like a lifetime, this phrase is only significant for three or four years. In the grand scope of human existence this is merely a blink. Forget thinking about how you want to live and focus on the much more important question, who do you want to spend your death with? The ghost community is a vibrant, diverse, chilly population of deceased individuals looking for love, just like us. If you don’t like anyone on this list, help add to it. (What? I didn’t just suggest murder….)

The jock that died in the fire:

Yeah he’s pumped, but he’s also burning up inside. For you!

The crazy Caples boyfriend:

He’s manic, he’s maniacal, but he’ll always call you back. Plus he knows how to work an elevator.

The crazy Caples girlfriend:

Yes, she’s not over her man, but she’s got eternity to figure it out.

Sad boy ghost forever walking middle path:

The gates of hell aren’t just an old superstition to this guy. He’ll take you places you never knew you could go. Can he play guitar? Of course!

Philander Chase:

That saucy minx of a man. He might philander around a little, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth the chase!

Lady Rosse:

You’ve lusted after her portrait for long enough, come on and light her fire!


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