Weekend Playlist: Pete Davidson


Remember when Pete Davidson came to Kenyon and we all kind of made a vow to spend a week talking about him and only him and then immediately forget that he ever existed? But then this summer, just weeks later, would start (openly) dating pop songstress Ariana Grande and would be the inspiration for the tweet that sent “big dick energy” skyrocketing to the cultural phenomenon it oh-so-briefly was? Yeah that was wild. Here’s a weekend playlist in his honor.

Ariana Grande, “pete davidson” – sweetener

When sweetener started leaking, I assumed the track entitled “pete davidson” was a joke. It was not! Here is such track, the fourteenth (and penultimate) one on the album.  I love this tune because there’s no structure to it at all

Ariana Grande, “pete davidson” – Chicago sweetener Session

One of Ariana’s sweetener sessions shortly after the album dropped, so you can hear the audience singing over her but her vocal quality is more or less akin to what we hear on the album. Queen of live vocals.

Ariana Grande, “pete davidson,” – London sweetener Session

Pretty much the same exact thing but in London because Ariana is cosmopolitan. This crowd is much more into “pete davidson” than Chicago was.

Ariana Grande, “pete davidson” – sweetener 

Her mind!!

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