10 O’Clock List: Trendy but Ineffective Ways to Protest Campus Changes!

raccon protest

Ok, we’re all upset. We have no library, we study in trailers inhabited by (rabid?) raccoons, and the cries of the students appear to be falling on deaf ears. Some of us want to talk loudly about how upset we are. But some of us are better. We want to take action. Here are some ways you can make a real difference:

  1. Rub Olin ashes all over your body and stand on the Pierce seal, solemnly making eye contact with that kid from your Sociology class
  2. Hiss at tour groups going past
  3. Move dirt from the bottom of the KAC hill to the top to make it steeper
  4. If you are on the swim team, tattoo the thumbs down symbol instead of the Kenyon seal after Nationals
  5. Build a rival wall around the modules entirely out of Pierce dishes
  6. Yell at elderly people in Gambier who could always turn out to be a trustee
  7. Let lose the varmints!

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