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Well howdy there all you treasure seekers, plunderers, and vagabonds alike. Now I know you’re all a’fixin’ to get on the search for the elusive treasure trove of No-Eyed Nelson, hidden for these past two hundred years in parts unknown. Well, word around the spittoon is that the first clue on that mighty fine quest might be found by applying to write for the Thrill! That’s what I did, and just look at me now:

old prospector

Gold! In a pan!


Ain’t that a hoot? So, if you’re looking to unearth some long-buried gold, jewels, and some such, just follow this here link to the application and submit it by Sunday the 23rd at the latest, and you can work your way towards getting some of them sweet, sweet hidden goodies. Just make sure to watch out for Nelson’s ghost, I hear tell that specter is one heck of a scare!


Special Note: a lot of us prospectors workin’ on this here dig will be all high and dry sooner’n a rattlesnake on… actually I’m gonna drop this one for a sec. A lot of our writers are either going abroad in the spring or graduating in a year, so we could really use some underclassmen. If you’re young and funny, definitely apply! We also accept guest writers, and could always use more folks skilled in the audio/visual departments!

Second Special Note: I love you. This is just Nate talking now, if you apply I love you deeply and personally. Do with that what you will.

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