Kenyon American Girl Doll: Meet Emma, Kate, Claire or any one of the Names There are 6 of in Your English Class

13y1wLeZ-r4DsmKuTDjLaYQShe’s probably got brown hair, wears clogs, and knows all the lyrics to Your Dog by Soccer Mommy. Facing the plight of no deli, the newest member to the American Girl family has the tenacity–fueled by the light wash jeans she got from the Wednesday sale–to make it through any obstacle in her (middle) path.

MEET EMMA: 2018 Kenyon College Student

In her day: Girls often use instagram to cultivate an aesthetic that says “I’m funny, chill and can hang. Catch me at the VI or tune into my WKCO show.”

What she discovers: If you’re not from Brooklyn you have no social capital.

What changes her life: Getting a pile up from Early Bird for the first time.

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  • Changes for Emma: Living South
  • Emma Learns a Lesson: Theta Punch
  • Emma’s Surprise: 1,800 students means you will see your random hook up again (actually, everyday, for that matter)

Bring Emma home! Emma, Accessories* and Books $65,000.

*Scuffed Blundestones, “No ice and pop may be warm” sign, Market Dog and K-card.

Kenyon American Girl features a line of dolls and books from long ago and today dealing with the challenges of the lack of library, to two forms of ID at the VI.

Kenyon American Girl’s mission is to empower girls to sit alone at a New Side round table during 12:00 lunch. We strive to teach that character counts so return your Peirce dishes, and after you shot gun your KeyStone, don’t leave it in the grass.

Pick up your doll on Middle Path today!

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