Kenyon Statues with Big Dick Energy

“La Montagne” by Aristide Maillol

“La Montagne” by Aristide Maillol

Open up the Kenyon College instagram. What do you see? Interspersed between photos of grinning first-years and intensely saturated flowers are Kenyon’s unofficial mascots: the campus statues. They see us when we’re sleeping, they know when we’re awake, and they know when we take cups from Peirce so stop for goodness sake! But which statues have the power, the drive, the big dick energy to command our attention by emitting mind-controlling vibrations? 



“Her” by Kiki Smith

Why did she kill a deer and bring it into Gund Gallery? Is it for us? Are we the deer? So many questions that we will never know and probably don’t deserve to find out.


“Pore” by Antony Gormley

“Pore is so heavy that if he fell off of Rosse he would bring a good chunk of the building down with him and that’s true big dick energy,” – Sarah Hoffmann ‘20

squad sculpture

“Large Spindle Piece” by Henry Moore

This big guy watches over the science quad and lets prospective students know that even though Kenyon is a liberal arts college, we still love amorphous blobs!

brave hunter

“Indian Hunter & Antelope” by Paul Manship

Located in the outside seating area off of the Alumni Dining Room, these statues are enjoyed only by those willing to fight for a coveted outdoor table. After all, the hunt of an antelope necessitates the same amount of big dick energy as the quest for a perfect candid during golden hour. 

Photos from the Gund Gallery & Joe Frazee

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