Acknowledging The Lost Generation: half the student body has never experienced the deli

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 8.25.26 PMNever has the deli man’s voice graced their ears. Never has the overwhelming stench lingered on their jean jacket. Never has their phone lit up the 2:00 am darkness of their dorm room with a text that reads, “deli tomorrow?”.

Half of the student body currently on Kenyon’s campus has never lived in a Kenyon world that included the deli. This is The Lost Generation.

Actually, to be more accurate, more than half of the students currently on campus are part of this lost generation. Thanks to the ‘robust’ First-Year class and the Juniors who love Send Off so much they have to go abroad in the fall (and also the Exeter kids) the proportion of virgin deli goers to veteran deli goers is not even 50:50.

The Lost Generation is important for a myriad of reasons:

  1.  “Senior Dating a Fresh Person, Raise the Tuition, Old Yeller, Social Probation, Double Secret Probation, Which Emily Is It?” is all just the ramblings of strung out upperclassmen.
  2. Certain veteran deli goers have been known to site the deli as their reason for choosing Kenyon. The Lost Generation just applied because there was no Common App supplement.
  3. The new-improved-coming soon-Lentz lookalike #27254-Gambier Deli, will most likely have a high tech ventilation system so deli musk will no longer be a Kenyon Odor (TRADEMARK) with which we can identify one another. Furthermore, The Lost Generation wouldn’t even have been able to identify The Odor. Lack of Odor leads to an unstable community.
  4. Delicatessen culture has been a staple in America since the late 19th century. If Kenyon is truly giving us the skills to succeed in the private sector the school should be fostering this delicatessen culture. Rather, the institution is leaving The Lost Generation to flounder alone in the gravel of middle path, unable to distinguish a slice of pastrami from a slice of corned beef.


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