It Happened to Me: A Collection of One-Line Stories


We all have fun stories about meeting celebrities, punching windows, and being stood up by our professors that have so many twists and turns that not even a full post can thoroughly cover. However, some stories only need a single sweet line to burst into the world. Here are some of the Thrill Editors’ best, and shortest, “It Happened to Me”s.

“Campo caution taped up all the doors in Horvitz during a blackout while I was still inside.”

“I threw up in old side and just left it there.”

“I drunkenly tried to have phone sex in the middle of a Taft party.”

“I got stopped for jaywalking but then almost got arrested for an open container instead.”

“I once found a pink cheetah onesie in a tree and took it home and made it part of my wardrobe.”

I bled on a boy’s bed after having sex with him then left angrily after claiming it was him bleeding from sores due to an STD he didn’t tell me about.”

“I accidentally dumped a cup full of Coke Zero into the Peirce cup return while staring at an A.V.I. worker.”

“I farted in my room and my housemate and her boyfriend heard it through the wall.”

I accidentally hit the Brisk Iced Tea lever and my water tasted like yogurt.”

I had to take an emergency shit in lower Gund Commons and thought I was going to die.”

“I accidentally came out to my entire high school because I gave my anonymous gay porn tumblr an Arrested Development pun URL and they all figured out it was me.”

“It happened to me: I lived in Gund freshman year.”

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