Most First Year Things We’ve Ever Done


It’s just a know fact that first years typically have a tendency to get confused, puke a lot, and aggressively attend all campus parties. We have all been there, so don’t be ashamed. Let’s take a look at some of our best/worst first year moments and hopefully you can relate!

  • Asked my REACH mentor to buy me alcohol
  • Tried to sneak into the Cove underneath an upperclassman’s coat (r.i.p Cove)
  • “What’s Cheever?”
  • Got Crozier mixed up with Kroger’s
  • Puked in a friend’s trash can and slept through the night on her carpet after getting Edward Natty Handsed
  • Referred to myself as “the slap cup king” (this is just turning into a list of self-drags lol)
  • Aggressively signed up for beer pong, failed miserably.
  • Got lost driving to Mount Vernon
  • Gave someone a stick and poke tattoo in Lewis.
  • Took a 14 hour round trip on a Greyhound bus just to go to a Beyoncé concert.
  • Dropped acid in Mather (x2)
  • Drank a case of strawberitas, threw up, blacked out, lost my vomit
  • Joined a sorority
  • Received the seventh-to-last housing lottery number.
  • Accidentally called DKE lounge “deep lounge” based on the fact that it’s deep in Old K.
  • Egged McBride
  • Thought Manning was a Taft
  • Bought a printer
  • Cried by the back door of Gund Residence
  • Smoked at the logs
  • Puked in the shower
  • Took an edible on the night of 4/19 and got so high people heard about it the next day and asked me if I was “one of the girls who got too high”. I was indeed.
  • Thought the New Apts only existed at night
  • Hooked up with somebody without realizing there was somebody in the other twin bed
  • Thought there was a way I could stay with my high school boyfriend who was already an upperclassman at a different school
  • Course registration on Wiggin WiFi
  • Went to every all campus at 10:30

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