I’m just gonna go right out there and say it…. I miss Olin. Yes. I miss that ugly looking, depressing, cinder block palace and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Walking past the wall, ash falling from the sky, I think back to a time when I had a finite location to procrastinate, bother people in periodicals, and draw on whiteboards I never needed to be touching at all. It’s a sad fact that the mods just don’t do it for me like good old Olin. Olin was sexier, cooler, more low key. I have desperately attempted to find my “spot” for this year’s studying. I tested the waters of multiple locations and yet somehow most all of them failed me.

Wiggin Street Coffee: I’m crossing the street. I’m praying for a booth, but not just any old booth— a booth with an outlet so I can charge my dying computer. It’s 10am on a Monday. It shouldn’t be that busy right? WRONG. Hundreds of students, professors, and random people crowd every single corner of the goddamn place. And, they happen to be screaming. Every single person is yelling about this or that, or complaining or singing, or debating—who has time for that?! In my mind a coffee shop vibe is chill, I expect people on their computers working away quietly sipping their half calf mocha frap soy iced vanillas, but no. So I put my stuff down at the only open round table right smack in the middle of everything. Then, I succumb to the pressure of buying a coffee and spending the last dime on my K-card and evidently conforming to my environment.

The bookstore: A new fresh start! I swear I’m going to get my work done in here! I enter. I see the snacks. I’m immediately famished. I must buy everything. I buy some snacks. I sit down. I see every person I know on this campus. I have some deep meaningful conversations. I read one page. I leave. Three hours of my life wasted.

The mods: It’s like a spaceship in there. I swear to god it’s the Martian. It’s sad and fake and wannabe Olin and everyone can hear you pee! I can’t spend more than an hour in any of them without getting antsy or angry or hungry.

Ascension: Of all the fake Olins on campus Ascension is probably my favorite. It is quiet and the vibes are good. That said, if you spent all your time in there you might start to turn into a silent Harry Potter character or a stink bug because there are hundreds crawling all up in there.

Gund Gallery: I walked in past some construction workers. We made some eye contact. I sat on the couch for 30 seconds. I realized it would be impossible to focus in such a pristine environment and watch the destruction of Olin right next to it. I immediately left.

My room: I enter. I get into pajamas. I get into bed. 200 pages of Pride and Prejudice along with my paper will have to take a back seat. Goodnight.

As you can see, it’s hard out there to find your spot. I have yet to venture into the science quad, the houses, the Hill Theater (yikes), or just right on Middle Path. Olin provided a central place of comfort and now it’s gone and I am sad.

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  1. Isn’t everyone on campus miserable without this center of gravity? Seriously, Kenyon admin, stop telling us it’s a fucking walking campus when we have nowhere to walk to for god’s sake, and stop telling us to go study in the Wright Center in Mt Vernon (an insane suggestion — how about making a Wright Center shuttle that runs every hour from noon til 2 am and drops off north and south on campus if you’re serious?) Why can’t we have Bexley refurbed temporarily as a study space?????

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