10 o’clock list: Ways to Get Spooky This Halloween (and anytime after if you’re feeling crazy)


Every time October 31st rolls around there’s a sense of spook in the air. You can feel it. There is an energy traveling through the campus among the fall foliage. Sometimes it’s hard to know how this manifests and what to do with all those spooky feelings. But, alas, do not fear. Read on and get spooky. 

  1. Eat all the spooky Peirce food, green flavoring, charred black wings, and hope for the best in the bathroom later. 
  2. Make out with that guy dressed in a plush bear costume tonight in an NCA. You never know, it could be the love of your life under there!
  3. Get blackout drunk even though you have an 8:10 tomorrow. You might still be drunk and most likely miserable in the morning, but you only go to college once!
  4. Exclusively listen to “Monster Mash” on repeat.
  5. Send all your professors a mass email subject line “BOO!” This will most definitely secure you that A you’ve been in search of.
  6. Creep up on people in the omelette line tomorrow morning. People are going to think Halloween is over… no more spooky stuff…BUT NO! YOU’VE TRICKED THEM!
  7. Substitute drinks for candy so when you throw up later it’s more fun! Yummm!
  8. Hop the Olin “wall” and get fucking down and dirty.


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