10 o’clock list: Best Holes on Campus


As someone who chose Kenyon partly for its aesthetic appeal, this past year has not been great for me. So far I’ve witnessed the execution of Olin, the takeover of the mods, and the annual transition of Middle Path from a scenic walkway to a mile-long puddle. At least there has been one group of constants in my life: Kenyon’s holes. Wide or narrow, deep or shallow, these holes never fail to catch my attention and make me think, “This will do.”

  1. Big Daddy Tree Hole. Located next to Middle Path, between Ascension and the Science Quad, this hole’s prime people-watching position means that I see it every day and every day it sees all. How was it formed? What secrets does it hold? And what caused the dark stain flowing from its gaping maw?


2. Old Kenyon Drain Hole. Day after day this little fellow diligently collects the leaves, water, and cigarette butts strewn around Old K. So many of us can only aspire to be as hardworking as this unassuming hole, though we must try.


3. The Hole Formerly Known as Olin. Ever since Mother Nature toppled the wall between us and a 75 million dollar field of dirt, I’ve spent hours staring out into the library’s burial hole, desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the great beyond that awaits us all. So far I’ve only seen visions of Graham Gund tearing down every single pre-2000’s building, but that will never happen, right?


4. The hole in my heart where the Deli used to be. Sad reacts only :'(



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