Enter The Thrill’s Halloween Costume Contest!


I dressed up as the ghost of pretty Kenyon

Regardless of where you stand on the pre/post Halloweekend celebration debate, we hope you all swallowed your pride and donned your most creative costumes for Peeps’ Halloween this past Saturday. We also hope that in addition to the blurry iPhone selfies you took with an acquaintance in the Old K basement bathroom mirror, you took some pictures of your sweet ass costume! Whether it be sexy, silly, confusing, or absolutely drenched in irony, we want to see your masterpiece.

And get this: the cream of the crop will be rewarded with cold hard cash (in the form of a $25 Village Inn gift card). That means that in addition to bragging rights, your pre-trivia drinks are on us this week! Runners-up will also be featured in the blog post announcing the winners, so you can show all of your family and friends how your sexy Rutherford B. Hayes costume was slighted for the third year in a row.

Submit a picture of your costume to thekenyonthrill@kenyon.edu by the end of November 7th (deadline extended you’re welcome) for a chance to win our first place prize. Please include your name, your class year and your costume’s name along with your photo submission (please know that we only have one gift card to award to the first place winner, so keep that in mind if you submit a couples costume or a group costume). We will announce the winner and a couple of honorary runner-ups on the blog within several days of the deadline. We will contact the first place winner via email so we can find the best way to award them the prize, so keep your eyes peeled!

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