First Years React: PEEPs Halloweekend

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This was a special year, in that we somehow had anywhere from 3-6 Halloweens, which was, honestly, far too many if you ask me. But you didn’t ask me, no one asked me anything. Instead, we asked the First Year writers about their experiences this Halloween, specifically the final event, the PEEPs Halloweekend Party. And they delivered.

So, the PEEPs Halloweekend party just passed, and I can proudly say that I set foot in Old K for that event for a solid thirty minutes. I came out smelling like a weed farm and faint hints of the screeches of everyone getting their toes stepped on in the dark still ringing in my ears, but I was there. I met the only sugar daddy who matters, Graham Gund himself, and I was blessed with a Gund Buck—but let’s keep this quiet, he told me it was an anonymous donation. Overall, the PEEPs threw a party that I will definitely forget, because all of these parties look the same to me. Old K really isn’t the place to throw a party if you want people to have some semblance of what it even looked like. –Micah Smith


My Peep’s Halloween (TM) was unique. Instead of actually physically going, I instead fell
asleep at 8:30 pm. That’s right. My plan was, nap for a few hours, get up, and head out. But, alas, the enticing siren’s call of my soft Walmart sheets was too powerful. I slept for 17 hours. No lie, got up at 1 pm, since I’m a dysfunctional, useless member of society. However, in that time, on a transcendental, metaphysical level, I was there: I had a bizarre Peep’s Halloween themed dream. My imagined Peep’s Halloween took place in a dark middle school gym, with a single “Happy Halloween” flyer scotch taped to the wall. Want to get drunk? Too bad, all we have is eggnog with Welsh’s fruit snacks mixed in. Any bands performing? Nope, just an unsmiling IHOP employee in a large, red top hat tying balloon animals. Guess who won the costume contest? Me, wearing a t-shirt reading “Disappointing your parents.” Frightening. –Sam Slavkin


How does one react to PEEPs Halloween when they do not remember leaving the pregame? –Rebecca Kornman

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