Meet a KEEPer: Ceci Rodriguez ’22

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KEEP, the Kenyon Educational Enrichment Program, is a scholarship program for underrepresented students of color and first generation college students. The program is run through the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. KEEP Scholars undergo a six-week program prior to their first year on campus, taking a analytical writing course and a data analysis course for credit going into the academic year. The program aims to build leadership skills and provide a cohort of support. In this article we feature Ceci Rodriguez, one of the KEEP Scholars.

“Can we decide that at the end?” – Ceci, regarding the title of this article

Favorite color?
Majorelle Blue.
If you had to design a new Olin, what would it look like?
Bean bag chairs. The whole thing is made of bean bag chairs. It’s gonna be like a couch fort. And trees! And glass ceilings that we can smash right through. I like glass ceilings, they let in the light, but not metaphorical glass ceilings, ’cause you can’t see them. They don’t serve the same purpose.
How do you feel about paving Middle Path?


Obviously pave Middle Path! It’s inaccessible and ridiculous and there’s really no need for it to be so gravelly and gross! It costs so much money and there’s no reason for it. I can’t wear sandals, which is the least of my concerns, but still. Also, are any of these questions about KEEP?

What’s your favorite tree on campus?
Just one?
(Me: Maybe a favorite group of trees?)
Yeah, so the ones behind the Horn or kind of on the side of the Horn. They’re beautiful right now. They’re hidden by the parking lot, so we don’t usually see those and they’re beautiful!
Anything you want to say about your experiences with Kenyon and/or KEEP?
About KEEP, it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. It really made me prepared for Kenyon and I know it sounds cliche, but coming here with people I already felt connected with helped. It took away the feeling of not having anyone, coming from Miami to Gambier, it took away that stress. I love Kenyon, and I already did, KEEP just made me love Kenyon more.

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