10 o’clock list: Awkward Conversations We’ll Be Having During Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is easily the most delicious and complicated holiday. It is a time for family, weird extended family and perhaps some odd stragglers to come together, air out their dirty laundry and express gratitude. Now, this break comes at a crucial time as it is ever so necessary to get off this construction site we call a college and return to our homes and some rough family dynamics we were eager to escape.

  1. Mom, why did you unfollow me on Instagram? Listen, I hate to bring this up here, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet because it’s a little awkward! *nervous laughter* But, like, was it something I posted? I’m hoping it was an accident, because, after all, I am your only daughter and that would be, like, kinda mean. Also, I’m embarrassed I even noticed because, yeah, I totally downloaded that Unfollower app that might be giving my phone a virus.
  2. Explaining what Kenyon is and why you went to school in Ohio. A classic and constant line of questioning.
  3. Anything to do with your major. Some have to explain their double major in Studio Art and Econ and how making art is, in fact, a worthwhile investment in your future and how the two compliment each other quite nicely. Mine is political science, which solicits some interesting responses given the climate.
  4. Wait, so your college doesn’t have a library? Too sad to even explain.
  5. Discussion of the “Blue Wave.” Coastal elite family and friends are eager to share their opinions of the midterm election but your uncle just doesn’t get it…
  6. Justifying your decision to work for a sometimes funny, sometimes serious, Kenyon-related content blog. Is this preparing us for a career in journalism or a flex of our creative writing concentration?



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