Apply to Be a SRPA Supporter

As Sexual Respect Peer Alliance (SRPA) Supporters, we are committed to providing unbiased and unwavering support for those impacted by sexual misconduct by being their trusted peers. Our position as fellow students on this campus allows us to actively initiate and engage in conversations about sexual respect in order to promote a greater culture of consent, awareness, and support, three things that are critical to college campuses. As part of our training, we are familiar with the Title IX process and the student resources that Kenyon offers. Additionally, all SRPA Supporters actively engage in our own training throughout the year so that we can constantly improve the ways in which we communicate, support, and empower.

Are you an ally of the Sexual Respect Peer Alliance? Are you interested in becoming a SRPA Supporter and engaging in training to become a peer support resource for those impacted by sexual misconduct? 


The Sexual Respect Peer Alliance is a non-affiliated resource formed in October of 2018. Anyone who supports our mission is a welcome ally of the group, and in addition we have sixteen dedicated, trained supporters who work with those who reach out for support and information. We are looking for new members to join our supporter group who are passionate about providing peer support and committed to cultivating a culture of consent.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please fill out the following form and submit it no later than Thursday, December 6th at midnight:

If you have any questions, please email for more information! We will be having a SRPA Supporter interest meeting on Wednesday, November 28th at 7 pm at NCA 15B. Once you submit an application, we will follow up about scheduling an interview.

The Fine Print:

An ally of the Sexual Respect Peer Alliance is another who actively supports the group’s mission.

supporter of SRPA attends weekly training meetings, as well as bi-weekly group meetings. These meetings are mandatory.

We look forward to hearing from you!

-The SRPA Supporters




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