A Wild Ride: Domino’s Driver Turned Uber for A Night


The Domino’s man looked lonely.

The night of PEEPs Halloween, I made my way out of Old Kenyon and through the crowd of smoke and people into the mostly empty parking lot beside the building. I was still a little bit disoriented, my ears were ringing and my glasses were still fogged a bit, and in my efforts to try and find the direction of Middle Path from the back of Old K, I saw the glow of the Domino’s sign on top of a delivery car. I went up to the pizza guy, and I made sure that he wasn’t white. If he was, I would’ve completely abandoned this idea, but he wasn’t, so I soldiered on.

“Hey, are you going anywhere near the freshman quad next?” I asked, wearing a gold leather jacket and trying not to think about the fact that I probably smelled like weed and sweat and everything I didn’t have a part in. The Domino’s driver nodded. I asked him if he could drive me up to the Norton lot, and he says sure, “If you don’t mind stopping by Hanna Hall first.”

Of course I don’t mind, I’m getting a free ride from the cold and I don’t have to walk down a muddy and disgusting Middle Path in the middle of the night (which is 1 am for me). It’s warm transportation to a warm building and if I have to sit in a car that smells and feels like I’m literally inside of a pizza oven, surrounded by receipts and holding a pizza box on my lap as we drive, then it is what it is.

So, Domino’s driver and I make our way to Hanna, which I am still questioning if it’s spelled like Hannah or Hanna, and the driver asks if I do this often. Of course I say no, because I don’t, but I do say that I’m surprised no one else has. He is surprised also, and seems as though he would appreciate the company. We joked about him becoming an Uber driver; apparently, giving me a ride “spiced up the night”, but honestly, he just seemed pretty lonely.

We dropped off the pizza I’d been holding on our way there, and it was given to some friends of mine, then we made our way up to Norton. He dropped me off, I thanked him and wished him a good night, and I left the pizza oven/car without a glance back at the lonely Domino’s driver who just wanted a friend.

I met up with one of my friends in Norton afterwards, who told me that I could have died, and I realized that this was true but I didn’t really think about it until I was fine.

So, I have a recommendation for you all: talk to your Domino’s delivery guy. They’re people too. Sometimes they just want a friend, and maybe it’ll give you the validation that we’re all so desperately looking for.

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