Little Spoon Boys Explained


Have you ever met a Kenyon boy who can’t talk about his feelings unless the lights are out?

This is what I like to call a little spoon boy. This is the kind of boy who refuses to open up, but deeply loves his mom. This is the kind of boy who tells you “he never wants anything serious” and is probably in love with you on the low. This is the kind of boy who writes his own music, but might just need therapy. And finally, this is the kind of boy who ignores you at the party, but asks to be the little spoon in bed later that night.

I wonder? Where do these little spoon boys come from? Who hurt them? Why do they feel so tortured?

It’s probably because before blacking out on a Saturday night they were talking about Nietzsche, Freud, or Sartre and needed to be held because the intellectuality was too much to handle.

Don’t get me wrong–there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the little spoon. Being the little spoon is a comforting place to be regardless of gender. And hey, all men should feel comfortable and welcome as the little spoon. I just find it funny when little spoon boys feel the need to project an extremely macho image of themselves, when in reality all they really want is to be held very gently—and quite frankly what could be more macho than that?

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