Weekday Playlist: Walking to Class


It’s 9:58 on a Friday morning. You stand just inside the doorway of Old K, not quite ready to make your way to class and attempt to bullshit your way through your third day in a row of not doing the reading. You need something something special to get you going and thankfully, you know just the thing. You take a deep breath, grab your headphones, and hit play on your favorite Pete Davidson-themed playlist. You skip along Middle Path, humming all the way, until just before you fling open the glass doors of the Gund Gallery, an even better song starts to play! Now you’ll have to wait outside as you appreciate every soulful note because you can’t just stop art in it’s tracks, right? Right. As you sway back and forth, watching all of your classmates shuffle into the building without you, you decide that next time, you’ll be smarter. You’ll choose a song that’s exactly the length of your walk to class, right down to the second. But what will it be? Well, the Thrill has a few suggestions…

Lewis to Horwitz House: MANiCURE – Lady Gaga

For all of the first-years furiously speed-walking to Quest for Justice.

The NCAs to Ascension (on a bike): Sapokanikan – Joanna Newsom

Here’s a longer one for you suburban kids. Enjoy it!

Ascension to Gund Gallery: Never Thought – Danny Sunshine

A bop! Nothing else to say about it!

The Bookstore to Ascension: Be Like the Being – Radnor and Lee

This jam (?) from our very own Josh Radnor is a sure-fire way to get your brain ready to question anything and everything.

Old K to the Market: Funky Kong ASMR

Just close your eyes and let the ASMR wash over you.

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