The Thrill Editors Confess Their Most Regrettable Purchases

et mask

via flickr

Okay. So, it’s the end of the semester and I’m pretty sure we’re all going through it. There are so many papers, exams, and projects that sometimes all you want to do is make an unneeded Market run or impulse buy whatever type of alien mask is at the top of your Amazon wishlist. While we at the Thrill aren’t always the biggest fans of capitalism, we can 100% relate to using our meager Kenyon wages to buy things that were 100% unnecessary. Below are some such examples of Thrill editors proving that we are all just dumb babies who should not be trusted with real money.

  • The ramen noodles that gave me second degree burns
  • I bought an E.T. mask online and I don’t regret it but I guess it could be considered “regrettable”

  • The Sims 2, aka the biggest threat to my self-control I’ve faced at this school
  • The horrible cream of mushroom soups that I bought in a flu fever haze
  • A Jar-Jar Binks mask
  • Four turtleneck sweaters that look exactly the same but in four different colors. It was my freshman year, I thought I figured out my fashion identity. I went through a big turtleneck phase.
  • Three separate vibrators over my time at Kenyon
  • Three chef’s hats
  • A jar of raw honey for a failed face regimen
  • Every Deb Ball wig

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