Moxie: A Kenyon Tail

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He is the little shadow-kitty parked directly in front of your feet as you walk to Peirce. He is the dirty boy tumbling in the gutters. He is the splash of ebony against a pile of leaves, loafing majestically in the sun. Most importantly, he is Moxie. Everyone loves him and he knows it. He often tricks folks into thinking he is a lost little lamb wandering in the woods. Don’t be fooled. He is smarter than you and he knows exactly what he is doing. Here’s a collection of his adventures.

Illegal Buildings

“I watched Moxie stand outside Mod B until some one opened the door and then he went on this documented adventure.” -Jessie Gorovitz ’19 (the link is to a video, featuring Moxie scuttling through Mod B)

“Last winter Moxie kept trying to run into the temporary bookstore to get warm, so the management had me hold him outside while they closed the doors.” -Carter Vivio ’21

“HOLY SHIT so one time when I lived in the New Apts I was in the shower and heard all this noise and when I got out my housemate said, “Hannah there’s a cat,” and moxie approached my feet– apparently he had run into our house when my housemate was walking his girlfriend out. We let him stay the night because it was like 0 degrees but then he KEPT COMING BACK every night for like a week even though we carried him back to his owner’s home.” -Hannah Anain ’19

“I was petting Moxie outside of Peirce until someone opened the door to go get dinner. Then, he dashed through the door. He ran up and down the stairs to Lower Peirce until I eventually chased him back outside.” -Me! (Cat March ’19)


Get out of Peirce, sneaky boy!


Accidental Kidnappings

“I accidentally kidnapped Moxie last year during Thanksgiving break because I thought he was lost. I cared for him for about two days in various Kenyon locations before I realized my blunder.” -Emma Tolley ’19

“I found him in the bushes once on a cold day and carried him all the way south to north because I thought he was lost and wanted to get him inside. He meowed indignantly the entire time.” -Hayley Yussman ’18

“I once accidentally kidnapped Moxie because he followed me into Manning. Dan and I played with him for maybe 2 hours instead of studying for our finals. He kept climbing to the second floor of Manning and then jumping down onto the fridge from the railing. I think Moxie could have been a circus cat in another life.” -Vahni Kurra ’20

“I carry around one of those Peirce tote bag things instead of a backpack. And whenever he sees me, Moxie tries to climb inside. He’s actually gotten in a couple times.” -Kendra Clayborne-Davis ’20


Cuddle and/or Sit on Head


“This is my Moxie story.” -Pilar Hoye ’19

“One time I was going to my sorority’s witch themed Halloween party like decked out in full sigil shawl, crazy eyeliner, all black, etc. And I saw a bit of shadow behind a tree on my walk that looked a like a bit MORE shadow than the rest of it, ya feel? And I stopped and it was, of course, Moxie and he rubbed against my leg so I picked him up and snuggled him. And my policy with cats or all animals is to snuggle them as long as they want/need the snugglin’ and let them decide whenever they want to stop, but he did not want me to stop. So essentially where this is going is that on your average Saturday night some poor college gals walked past and looked over only to see a very pale woman in very dark apparel stroking a very dark cat on her head.” -Autumn Gomez-Tagle ’21

“Moxie Story! The start of spring semester junior year, it was the dead of winter. I was walking back from the library at 2 cuz I was writing this terrible idea for a novella I had. I was still adjusting to a lot of my friends being abroad, and I just got out of a relationship. I kept listening to “Holocene” by Bon Iver. It was a bad time. But Moxie showed up and I didn’t know Moxie’s deal so I thought it was this stray and I genuinely thought of bringing him home and raising it as my own child. He then crawled on top of my head, and just stood on top of me. I was afraid I’d kill him if he fell, and I couldn’t grab him. I had to ask a trio of wandering students to help me remove Moxie from my head. He saved my life.” -Chris Raffa ’19

“Moxie has sat on my head three times now. It’s gotten to the point where he hops up there whenever he sees me.” -Me! (Cat March ’19)

“I was by Edelstein house and saw Moxie by the church and because I love him (and have no dignity) I yelled his name and he like bolted over to me. I’ve never felt so loved.” -Isabella Creel ’22

“Over the summer, I was having a cry while on the phone with someone and I passed Moxie. When I neglected to give the pets, Moxie climbed on my leg and remained a passenger all the way to Crozier.” -Willow Green ’21

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.07.20 PM.png

“Call me Sabrina.” -Chloe ‘Teddy’ Hannah-Drullard ’20



“I was walking to my first day of work at the CDO and I saw Moxie, ran to him joyously, and he immediately shat on my hand. I had to run into Wiggins with my cat shit-covered hand, wash it off in the bathroom, and then sprint to the CDO still vaguely smelling of cat shit. It was still the best day of my life.” -Amelia Yeager ’20

“One snowy night last February, right around midnight, I was walking home when I heard meowing, I looked around and found Moxie stuck in a tree. I got her down and thought she’d run off but she led me to the church (she kept lookin back to make sure I was following), then led me inside and all the way to the back where I found my friend asleep in a pew???” -Ellie Melick ’21 [Moxie is a male cat, but it doesn’t matter because he is a cat. Cats don’t got gender]

“One night me and my friend Delaney were walking on Middle Path behind these locals walking their corgi and just before we got to the gates of hell Moxie appeared and everyone stopped as the corgi and Moxie held each others gaze for a moment. A brief squabble ensued as the corgi was hit with a few swats from Moxie before the corgi began chasing Moxie off the path, followed by a turn of events in which Moxie began chasing the corgi until the corgi’s owner finally caught their dog and carried it away.” -Kara Morrison ’20

“Over the summer I found out that moxie is also best friends with Pi the Houldners’ small dog and he routinely tries to enter their house. In addition, Moxie has an allusive brother named Mozie, the small grey cat also with the green color. I’ve only seen him during the summer and he’s much more scared of people, but he likes to climb the trees outside their house.” -Milo Eder ’20


The End!

Thank you, everyone, for your submissions. These are amazing. I think we can all agree that Moxie is one of the silliest, most wonderful cats in the whole world. He’s a special guy and I’m so happy that he’s in all of our lives.

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