The End is Near! So Long, Farewell

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Well, it’s been fun gang. But this is it, Cat and I are done for. We’re off to retire, and while I do mean this in the social security sense, it feels like I could mean it in the Blade Runner sense too.

Cat and I had a lot of fun being the Evil Emperors of the Kenyon Thrill. We went to a lot of fun, cringey, and disgusting places together, and, you know what? We just may have made some friends along the way.

I’ve loved this site ever since they first let me gorge myself on 2500 calories of starch on it. I never thought I’d get hired for it, let alone become the editor-in-chief. This place has, I think, a beautiful opportunity for us. I’ve always seen it as a place for creative content of all kinds, where anyone with things to say but nowhere to say it can stampede their bullshit for whoever is interested to see. I hope that someone else who wants to make things for people to enjoy, but isn’t sure how, will find this place and make it their own.

I have a lot of faith in our successors, our new editors-in-chief for Spring 2019, Elise Tran and Nate Winer! This is a tough job, and I have full confidence they’ll kill it.

As for us, we’ll be around, in some form or another. In the grass, the whipping wind, the flowers that bloom, the occasionally stench of horseshit.

From Satan With Love,

Chris & Cat

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