Ten o’clock list: Nice Things to Comment on Photos of Kenyon New York Meet Ups Over Break


It’s like an Old K all-campus except it’s a brownstone invite-only.

Many moons ago, Philander Chase climbed the ancient Park Slope and declared, “This is the hill upon which I will recruit all of my future students,” and so began the Gambier, New York experience. It happens every break. They creep in slowly, but before you know it, your feed is nothing but pictures from the latest New York meet up. From near (Bushwick), far (Queens), or further (Chicago but I’m staying with my buddy for the week) North Eastern Kenyon students come together to dance, drink 40s, and blackout in the comfort of their Mother City. So next time you stumble upon these posts, don’t passive aggressively like it or maliciously report their account for spam, comment one of these nice phrases.

  1. Great photo, everyone!
  2. So nice to see the gang having a good time
  3. Reunion! :)
  4. Missing y’all… hope all is well
  5. Small world
  6. Jealous!
  7. Don’t you all have families?
  8. Bet

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