10 o’clock list: Worst Places to Cry on Campus if You’re Having a Moment

crying student.jpg

Everyone knows that you’re never truly alone at Kenyon. You might think you’ve found the spot, but I hate to break it to you—you haven’t found the spot. Winter has come and people are pissy and definitely prone to breakdowns and I’m here to give you some advice on the absolute worst possible places to cry when you need to have a moment.

  1. On the dessert line as Bob eagerly awaits your arrival to the front : You gotta love Bob but if you feel those tears coming run for the hills.
  2. At the Horn during an “experimental noise show”
  3. Outside Ross on Middle Path: Absolute prime spot for people traffic
  4. New Side, Old Side, Atrium, Bathroom @ the hours of 9am, 12pm, or 6pm.
  5. Koksingers Concert
  6. In the middle of a Wiggin Street coffee date with a professor to “check in”
  7. Mod A, B, or but especially C: You want to cry and feel like you are in a spaceship?
  8. In the middle of giving a tour to prospective students
  9. Any building related to Graham Gund: Gund Gallery, Gund Commons, Gund
  10. Middle of the Ncas on a Saturday night




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