10 o’clock list: Peirce Aphrodisiacs


alamy babyyy

Sure we’ve all heard of oysters, strawberries, and chocolates as aphrodisiacs, food to fuel your sex drive. But if you’re on a budget this Valentine’s Day and still looking to get sultry with a special someone, we all know that fresh fruit and seafood is hard to come by in the servery. That’s why we here at the Thrill have put together a list of alternative Peirce aphrodisiacs that are sure to liven up the libido. Alternatively titled, a List of Foods to Get You in the Mood, here’s the Thrill’s science certified list of Peirce foods to help make this year’s Valentine’s day extra sexy and special.

  1. Peirce Coffee: Coffee elevates mood and stamina. With Peirce coffee you can prepare yourself anally by first clearing out your entire bowel system!
  2. Bananas: the most obviously phallic of fruits, great for bedroom play and replenishing your potassium reserves after that mid-coitus cramp
  3. Panko Egg: the panko egg is symbolic of fertility and representative of a bygone time (RIP Chef Megan). Also, everyone goes literally apeshit for a good panko egg.
  4. Sour cream: dairy is linked to lower sperm counts but that doesn’t mean you can’t slather yourself in it for a slippery surprise
  5. Semen: check the gluten-free fridge!

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