Peirce Date for Valentine’s Day

Peirce Date


Hello lovers. Welcome back to Peirce Dates, an old segment that we recently brought back for this day of blind Cupid’s arrow, my favorite holiday and your’s: Valentine’s Day. We at the Thrill love love, and to celebrate it we set two strangers up on a blind date in Peirce dining hall, the most romantic place on planet Earth and also planet Mercury, believe it or not.

The Participants: Grace Fuisz, ’19 and Elijah Newman, ’22

Both these participants volunteered themselves, which is interesting because in the past Peirce Dates have usually been between two people who were volunteered by friends. But aren’t we all looking for our own love these days, anyway? Risk it for the biscuit, that’s what I say.

The Setup: I was told to get a tablecloth but all I could find was my housemate’s bed sheet, but it was very soft and very clean! (Later on in the night, one of the two waiters did spill an entire glass of water on it, oops). Grandpa Cat brought little heart lights, which were lovely. They were sat at a round table which was the only one I could find.

The Date: The two sweeties began the night on different sides of the large round table, but quickly moved closer together. Some may say this was because they couldn’t hear each other talking, but others (me) think it’s because sparks were flying. They both enjoyed a lovely taco dish and blue Powerade (later swapped for water, which was foolish imho but whatever). At one point there was a bat in Old Side, which didn’t affect the date but was noteworthy all the same.

Before dessert, there was some dinnertime entertainment in the form of a small group of a capella kids performing Rihanna’s seminal hit “S&M.” We have a lovely video of it, but unfortunately our website no longer supports video files? We should look into that. Anyway, just imagine it, won’t you?

The Ending: The daters stayed and talked for maybe half an hour after they stopped being waited on, which was surprising and also sweet. At the end of the night, before we cleaned up, I escorted both guests out by the elbow, and blew them kisses which I don’t think they saw because they did not want to look at me anymore. That’s amore.


Elijah Newman: I think I went in underdressed because I was just wearing a sweatshirt. But it was a nice sweatshirt. I think it might’ve been from France. France is in Europe. In Europe, you have class. I brought some class to the date through my sweatshirt. The Gatorade* was superb, probably the Cool Blue ‘18. I’m not one to usually drink such things but that evening I couldn’t help myself. It was quite fruity but I prefer a more tannic aftertaste. Grace was totally rad and we talked a lot about music and psychology. We’re also both lactose intolerant. It’s great that we know that we are lactose intolerant. 

(*The drink was most definitely Powerade, but that’s neither here nor there)

Grace Fuisz: The date was fun! 8/10! I was mad that he didn’t dress up as much as I did. I felt some serious connection when Elijah decided to move closer instead of sitting on the opposite end of the round table! He told me that he died in high school and death feels like being sucked up through your nose! The dinner entertainment was beautiful but I would have preferred to have more water and less Powerade. I would like the photos to put in my scrapbook. 

This has been another successful Peirce Date, thanks for coming!

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