Making His Marc: Interview with Marc Delucchi


So, on Valentine’s Day, the day of ~l o v e~ and happiness and whatever the hell people who experience romantic attraction do that day, I sat down in New Side with Marc Delucchi and asked him a lot of semi-serious, semi-invasive questions. These are the results.

First, we discussed his last name, and the Italian science behind it. It really wasn’t as interesting as I hoped, but I found out that the cc makes the ch sound but the cch makes the ka sound. This is how Marc Dee-lew-key and I began our conversation.

Marc still does five hours a week of lip sync practice for the currently discontinued series of lip sync battles he’s participated in throughout his Hestival career at Kenyon. They are only discontinued because of the HUGE amount of poets that KMV (Kenyon Magnetic Voices) now has and the immense power he has to bring big and small names to our campus. However, he still wants to get back into it and regain his title as reigning champion, taking it away from Ronan Weber. The list of songs he has lip-synced (?) is as follows: Baby by Justin Bieber, BedRock by Young Money (aka seven different people, and he did the entire song.), Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz and, finally, a historic swedish metal band song that “ends on a gunshot, and I did a dead drop, ended on the BOOM, DROP…I was six inches away from hitting my head on the corner of a table”. Because of the lip sync battles, “I probably listen to the top hits from middle school more than any other music.” Isn’t he an icon? @ The Company, he can take you on any day.

Another interesting thing about Mr. Dee-lew-key that I learned days before this interview and was brought up again today is his status as an Economics major. Tariq Thompson (‘21) appeared at this point in the conversation, and when I asked Marc why he’s an econ major, Tariq said “Just look at him.” For a while we discussed this, and we concluded that “If you’re doing econ for the money, you will succeed at Kenyon and probably beyond, but you are hurting America.” – Marc Delucchi, 2020

Eventually, we got serious. Who is Marc? According to some outer sources, he’s the “hawaii boy”, the “white guy on the BSU board”, the “spoken word dude”, and even, surprisingly!, “another random white guy”. Despite blending in very easily on this campus, he was extremely uncomfortable here. Having been from Hawaii, where being a white person really stands out, there’s a much more recent and apparent awareness of it. He got bullied for being white and was deeply aware of his skin color, and “that’s where my self deprecating white jokes came from”. I won’t talk about it more in depth–it got really deep–but we know now that the purpose of the Thrill is not to, in Marc’s words, “solve complex questions of ethnicity and representation”.

However, we did notice that KMV and the Hestivals as a whole have a similar vibe to this here online platform. Marc specifically said that a friend told him, “We advertise the Hestival like a meme, but when people get here they’re like ‘holy fuck this is intense!’”, and I think that’s true with some Thrill articles. I could go on to talk about his ability to make white people uncomfortable because “they let down their guard when I get on stage”, or how he had to be sat down by his dad and a family friend to be told that white people will be comfortable around him, that he had to be warned about the dangers of getting comfortable. But here we are, and I’m gonna end with two things, a quote from Tariq Thompson and his perspective on Marc’s experience, and a quote from Marc reflecting on his own place within the world of poetry, which he doesn’t think he’s that spectacular at even though he competed at the 2018 Individual Poetry Slam.

“A lot of white people stand in the comfort line everyday at Peirce, but to really be good, you have to go to the pasta, venture to international and sometimes you gotta go to the salad bar and make your own thing…it’s a cohesive experience.” – Tariq Thompson ’21

“My proudest moments are going to be what Tariq ends up doing, what Virginia, Olivia end up doing…seeing them kill it gives me the same joy if not more as when I kill it onstage.” – Marc Delucchi ’20

Also, did I mention he’s into sports? Yeah, he’s into sports.

(Credit to Ceci Rodriguez ’22 for the title, Luke Hester for the picture)

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