Watching People Eat Shit on Middle Path is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


The only good thing about this terrible cycle of cold, then show, then rain, then ice again is watching people fall on their asses. The dance that many do to avoid falling is almost just as funny. The “Oh I didn’t just fall on my ass” face is even funnier. Ultimately, I have seen my fair share of shit eaters. I can proudly say I have yet to fall on my face or ass yet, but I’m sure this article will induce some intense slipping karma.

Unfortunately for two, I’m here to expose their stories:

My first encounter was with my roommate the one and only Zohra. It was one fine slippery day and she was leaving for class and I was laying in bed. I was watching her walk down Middle Path from the window and all of a sudden, I could see her flailing in the distance. Her small body reaching in every direction attempting to grasp on to something anything for support. A tree? A bench? Anyone with a soul? Sadly Zohra went down. She went down hard and on her ass and I saw the entire thing from the window. Obviously, I was laughing hysterically and sadly for Zohra I was not the only one. I looked over at the people walking by her on Middle Path who were giving her looks of disdain and disgust. Oh the irony when the two of them fell on their faces 30 seconds later. Zohra is a survivor.


My second encounter was with my friend and neighbor, Owen Lloyd. It was nighttime. The moon was out and so was the ice. It was that fateful night that everyone was posting videos of Middle Path on their snapchat. Unfortunately, we did not see those snaps. We left Hanna on our way to rehearsal and the second we stepped onto Middle Path it was a circus. Owen’s 6 foot something body began to flail. I was already laughing hysterically at this point. This LA boy was going down. He desperately tried to grasp at me for support but I’m 5’3 and dodged him. He went down right on his ass and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was a true slip and slide. Owen went down hard, but Owen is a survivor.17021868_10210867911125644_1234976481214084773_n.jpg

Everyone has had their moments on Middle Path. We’ve all seen them and we have all laughed. Who will you be?

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