10 o’clock List: Kenyon Smells


Courtesy of: Wikipedia

Whether it be the aroma of your mom’s home cooking, or the calming scent of clothing fresh out of the dryer, there are some smells that just can’t be beat. But out here in good ol’ Gambier, much like the Twilight Zone, the rules don’t apply. In rural Ohio, your nose (and mental strength) are challenged like they have never been before. Here some of the of Kenyon’s many memorable smells:


  1. The Musty Stench of Vintage Clothing: What would your Liberal Arts Wardrobe be without a tee that smells like a blend of a 70s-style chest hair and political unrest?
  2.  The Overwhelming Smell of Your Parents’ Disappointment in You: Just me? Cool.
  3. The Primal Sweat Produced Only During 12 o’clock Lunch: Who needs to go to the KAC when you burn just as many calories trying to get in line for Peirce’s world-renowned sweet potato fries?

  4. The Sweet Stench of Turkey Manure: Because nothing says ‘Ohio’ like stepping outside and being assaulted by a smell that only Satan himself could produce.

  5. Moxie’s Shit: This Kenyon Kat’s rise to power and subsequent cult following has had dire consequences for Kenyon’s campus and its students. It’s plain and simple: Kenyon College is Moxie’s litter box, and we’re all just living in it.




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