We! Are! Sleeping! On! Canva!

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You may or may not be familiar with the website known as Canva

Canva gives you a bunch of templates for various types of visual content. You can make everything from a SoundCloud banner to a marketing proposal. I made my resume on Canva, I’ve made every single advertisement for anything I’ve ever done on Canva, I’ve even made gifts for people on Canva. Canva and I are intimate acquaintances.

To open your minds and hearts to the powers of Canva, I’ve cooked up some visual content for you all. I hope, that in this article, you can really experience the limitless opportunities this blissful platform can bring to you.


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So all of your friends back home know how awesome your trip to Peirce has been!

Snapchat geotag


We're taking a break!

I swear though, if someone makes this happen, I’m transferring.


• Each chapter is a new adventure •.jpg• Each chapter is a new adventure • 2.jpg

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow. I really want to memorialize two Thrill writers after they graduate. Hmm. It would be SO GOOD if I could just have both of their faces on a bookmark.” Well. Canva is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. Because they have a template for that.

Desktop Background

The Thrill birthed me.png

Hey guys, it’s me, Jane. Look, I made this for you. It’s a desktop background using the finest crop of what Canva has to offer when it comes to free illustrative icons. I really hit a lot of bases here for you. We’ve got creepy animals, a delicate illustration of a human heart, office supplies, abstract brush strokes, seemingly meaningless symbols (a dog inside half a house and a piece of wheat that weighs more than an apple), a tiny volleyball, Canva specific illustrations to remind you who puts the roof over your head, and even your own pair of 3D glasses! Wow! Oh, and don’t forget, a background for your background composed entirely of cartoon hot dogs! Listen, don’t make me say it again– Canva makes dreams come true.

Leaderboard Ad

christmas discount!.png

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for templates for an ad with very specific dimensions so I can advertise all of my sales and events on specific types of platforms. Canva really hooked me up. I suggest you look into it.

Motivational Posters

To preface, the poster section is my favorite section of Canva. Within that section, there is a subsection called “Motivational Posters.” That is my favorite subsection of Canva. The defaults available are so inspiring. I just made a few small adjustments here and there, just for you guys. I really hope you take advantage of this generous offer and print all of these out to hang up on the walls of your dorm room. Feel inspired and motivated everyday. It’s good for you.

You might (6).jpg

Words to live by.

You might (2).jpg

For when the kids grow up! <3

You might (4).jpg

Connecting with the natural world is really important.

You might (5).jpg

What’s a smile to a fun little sparkler, am I right?

[This post is not sponsored by Canva. If someone from Canva is reading this, please contact me because I’d be very open to future sponsorship opportunities.]



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