The Monday Catchup

Hip Hip Hooray – it’s Monday. Mia and Nate accosted me at the Tommy’s on Saturday, pinning me into one of Gund Common’s many exciting corners. They lovingly placed their elbows to my throat, and said in wonderfully choreographed alternation, “Hey shit-stain, it’s your turn to write the Monday Catch-up!”

After emptying my wallet and choke-slamming me through a foldout table, they took their seats to enjoy the award ceremony, while I was left to nurse my shattered larynx.

Tommy’s were a real blast. What were your highlights?

Cheese cubes.”
Loved seeing all the hard-working students get the recognition they deserved, but my favorite part was actually the cheese cubes.”
God, the free champagne. Helped lubricate my throat so I could eat more cheese cubes.”

And now for the news:

WHAT: Free fucking custard.
WHEN&WHERE: May 3rd. 11:00am to 1:00pm @ Peirce Hall

  • Holy shit. Free? Custard? Not gonna lie. Teared up a little bit.
  • Lemme grab my Tupperware. I’m gonna throw a couple gallons in my storage locker over the summer, so I’ll be coming back to a delicious supply of Whit’s.

WHAT: Sendoff 2: Endgame.
WHEN: The foreseeable future.

  • Can’t get enough Echosmith? Well good news! Echosmith loved performing in Gambier so much, they’ve purchased a house in town and will have a permanent residency in Perice Pub! Everyday from 8am – 11pm, watch Echosmith perform “Cool Kids” over and over again, with no breaks, food, or water!

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