Stuff You Got Rid of When You Realized it Wasn’t Kenyon Aesthetic Enough


Honest to God it’s a Texas tradition to give everyone you know a monogrammed gift when you graduate high school. So when I rolled up to Kenyon for the first time it’s accurate to say that I had never seen a pair of clogs before or been in a room with more than five liberals at a time.

For context, this is the type of stuff I wore in high school:


I quickly had to hide my monogrammed blessings, including a key ring, a water bottle, and a truly horrific pair of earrings. I DID keep the insane monogramed Brita filter someone had gifted me though, which does not, despite popular belief, make your Kamchatcha any smoother.

But we’ve all done it. Brought stuff from high school which we quickly hid away in the back of our musty Mather closet once we decided to get on the Kenyon Aesthetic Train heading straight to Softboy Central.

Other stuff you probably ditched to conform to the Kenyon Aesthetic includes:

  1. A complete set of Wes Anderson DVD’s and a companion book (or maybe you still have that one Moonrise Kingdom poster in your bathroom idk)
  2. Hamilton paraphernalia
  3. A Kenyon Is Not Near Uganda shirt (which you falsely confessed that your aunt had given you)
  4. A perfectly fine pair of Havaianas
  5. Your Intro Video on your Class’s Facebook Group
  6. Meat
  7. Harry Potter merch you thought people were into because Kenyon Admissions branded Old Side as Hogwarts
  8. Optimism


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