The Monday Catchup – September 9th, 2019


The Monday to end all Mondays. We’ve missed you.  

Cuff your jeans and drop your standards of living, we’re back at it again for another year of wacky wild fun at Kenyon College, ladies and gents!

Get ready for 3 weeks of sun, two weeks of fall, and finally, a 7-month nightmare as Gambier becomes a interactive theater art piece featuring 1,700 intoxicated children trapped in a snow globe.

Wasn’t really ever given a format for these Catchups, but I think I’m supposed to ask: How was your weekend?

“Wasn’t Chilito’s supposed to be open when we got back?”

“Just blew a month’s worth of food on a single Spanish textbook.”

“It’s nice being back – I haven’t written my name in 3 months.”

And now, the news.

WHAT: Kokosing River Clean-up.
WHEN&WHERE: September 21st @ Kokosing

  • Join the BFEC staff to clean that river!
  • This year, the BFEC staff asks all attendees to please refrain from removing any live fish. They are supposed to be there.

WHAT: Weenie Roast.
WHEN&WHERE: September  13th @ BFEC

  • Weenie Roast.

Jam of the Week:

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