The Thrill Editors Take on “Hot Girl Summer”


Hot Girl Summer. You know it; maybe you even lived it. Thanks to Megan Thee Stallion, we now have the tools to be unapologetically ourselves and conquer the world with this new empowerment. Here at The Thrill, we did our best to embody this ideology. Take a look at out Hot Girl Summers!


Our fearless leader, Colleen Kemp ’20, Co-Editor-In-Chief, as Gaga.


Our other fearless leader, Michael Audet ’20, Co-Editor-In-Chief: “This is me, sweaty in a romper.”


Jane Zisman ’20, Executive Editor, with Popcorn, perfectly perched on her palm.


Me, Lillian Fox Peckos ’20, Executive Editor, before my trip to urgent care to treat an infected piercing I payed too little for.


Kylie Lohrenz ’20, Daily Editor, look at that little leg!


Ellie Melick ’21, Daily Editor, Hot Girl “Sprained Ankle” Summer.


Jane Lindstrom ’21, Daily Editor, Jane and a filthy mop head.


Grandma Thrill, Sarah Hoffmann ’20, puffy in the face.


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