What Would Kenyon Look Like if it Adopted the Chilito’s Font as its Official Branding


Imagine for a moment a campus without Minion Pro Regular, Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, FF Meta Web Pro Regular, Italic, Medium, or Medium Italic… it’s not impossible

All we have to love about Chilito’s is what we know, and all we know is what we can see outside of its taunting, locked doors: the Chilito’s sign.



a little reference photo in case you’ve never opened your eyes wide enough to appreciate the sign – photo courtesy of Chilito’s’ facebook love u girly

In the past year, the Gambier Village has become increasingly uniform with its new matching white apartments, bookstore, and study spaces. Many students have complained that this shift is boring and unlike Kenyon/Gambier and much more like a dystopian beach town. Well, I digress. Uniformity is simply the first step to equality (and ultimately revolution), and I see no better leader in our fight than Chilito’s.

To honor the establishment and bless its long awaited opening, I propose that we, as a Kenyon community, follow suit and fully adopt Chilito’s’ branding. This upheaval of the boring, academic font that is plastered on so much of our campus is a celebration of the funk and spunk of the true Kenyonite. If this proposal has not yet convinced you, I have provided some additional visual aids below. If that still doesn’t change your mind, perhaps you need to look within yourself and question “Why does the classic Microsoft font Curlz™ make my skin crawl?” WAKE UP SHEEPLE


a new honest spin on professionalism


this one says: academia can be so much more


I know this would look really nice in my dorm… any seamstresses interested in a revolution?

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