Drama Kids vs. Athletes

Jocks and theatre kids. Comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges; There are actually a lot of similarities and that idiom has never made sense. 

The Athletes

  • Institutional funding
  • High quality facilities
  • Support from the administration
  • Kenyon College Instagram posts
  • Excused absences 
  • Making mom proud
  • Coach Bolton
  • Concussions

The Drama Kids

  • Can drink year-round
  • The Bolton
  • An actual major
  • Making mom proud until deciding to major in it
  • Kenyon alums who have actually “gone pro”


  • Have dressing rooms
  • Struggle to balance schoolwork
  • Dumb hours (athletes: too early; theatre: too late)
  • Roll up to Peirce in packs post-practice/rehearsal
  • Cast/Team parties
  • Ingroup bias
  • Costumes are worn
  • Unsustainable career paths
  • No one outside of the community comes to events
  • “Seasons”
  • Kenyincest
  • Troy Bolton
  • Are not getting paid for this

Maybe we’re not so different after all.

We’ll come to your big game if you come to our thesis? ;)

xoxo, Jane&Ellie

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