It Happened To Me: I Finally Went to Mod B


To be fair, I was ~abroad~ all of last year so I missed the full christening of the modular units. I was on my high horse for two semesters when everyone was complaining, thinking that I was somehow above the collective Kenyon criticism of lack of study spaces on campus, no library, etc. All the usual critiques when we have nothing real to complain about. For the first several weeks of school I happily avoided them. I endured hearing Wiggins replay Echosmith every afternoon just to see how long I could hold out before entering those sexy temporary structures.

Finally, I did it.

The mood was set in Mod B. The dim grey/beige walls screamed sex appeal and the weird temporary looking bathrooms really did it for me. The mismatched loveseats in patterns reserved exclusively for 90’s television beckoned me to flirt next to the printer. I don’t know how I’ve missed this hot spot. The best part about Mod B is really how close you are to the person next to you, and the real communal experience you feel in that sweet sweet humid modular air. I left the Mod triumphant, finally seeing daylight and breathing air that hadn’t been circulating for hours between the same ten people. Olin, who?

Will I go again, you ask? Maybe, if the moment strikes and I am craving the seductive light purple of the Circulation desk letters, or the dated magazines on the periodicals shelf.

Maybe, if you pay me.

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