A Note From The Peer Counselors Regarding the Active Minds: Send Silence Packing Event


Today, the Counseling Center is hosting Send Silence Packing, sponsored by the organization Active Minds. The Counseling Center’s aim is to enhance awareness about mental health on college/university campuses, and increase conversation about suicide awareness.

Let’s be honest here. Kenyon’s campus is small, and the position of the exhibit on Peirce Lawn is unavoidable. As Peer Counselors, we want to express that we are a peer support system that prioritizes supporting and listening to Kenyon students regarding mental health issues. This means that we do not directly have a say in the choices made by the Kenyon Counseling Center, but we are a student-run branch of the department.

As a group, we decided we wanted to participate in a suicide awareness campaign. But the PC’s did not necessarily want to be involved in this deeply hurtful event, and we ultimately did not make the final decision to put the display in front of Peirce. Alongside you all, we are upset with some of the execution of this event.

We are here to listen to your concerns, specifically about this exhibit, and to bridge the conversation between the Counseling Center and students.

We know that this can be triggering, and the response on campus today has shown the need for peer support, especially as the Counseling Center is going through a period of change. You are not alone, and we want the student body to take advantage of the opportunity to use us as a resource and advocate for you all.

We are with you, not against you. We are here to listen and support.

Please feel free to email the Peer Counselors at peercounselors@kenyon.edu or DM us on Instagram (@kenyon_pc). Also, we will be on New Side all day to listen.

The Peer Counselors

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