What a Mather-McBride Evacuee Fashion Show Would Have Looked Like

Gambier Fashion Week

8:20 a.m., September 18th, Gambier, OH. An incident that in a few years we may vaguely recall, but not enough for it to be a key aspect of Kenyon lore.

The morning of September 18th, the fire alarm went off in both Mather and McBride residence halls as a result of a gas leak that, in a surprise plot-twist to the Mather students who smelled gas while reluctantly exiting their rooms, was not in the building but was actually in Allen House. Due to the early hour and the… alarming nature of the alarm, many students had not yet arisen from bed, dressed themselves, showered, or gathered their class materials––or any materials at all for that matter. Some exited their buildings with only a towel and whatever bit of dignity they had left. As students flocked from their dorms to Gund Commons to Peirce to their classes, those unaware of the situation were seemingly indifferent to the pajama-clad first year students, paying them little attention at all, but I’d like to imagine a world where the best-dressed (or best not-so-dressed) evacuees of Mather and McBride were given the spotlight they deserve, so here’s what a Mather-McBride Evacuee Fashion Show might have looked like.

Barefoot and equipped only with a toothbrush and toothpaste, this young woman probably had some explaining to do to the professor of her 8:40 class.

Uh-oh. This guy forgot all his books for Quest for Justice! At least he remembered his airpods. And at least he’s wearing socks.


Let’s take a moment to congratulate this rockstar student on managing to successfully pack her bag before the alarm began to toll. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to get dressed. The bathrobe is definitely a look!

This is, of course, only a glimpse into the wide array of gas leak-vogue we saw that hectic morning. Hopefully, it won’t happen again, but if it does, now you have a guide on the haute couture of Kenyon evacuations.

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