10 o’clock list: People You Find on Kenyon Tinder

Let’s face it, Kenyon can be a lonely place sometimes. And frankly, Tinder is there for us all in our darkest times. However, at a school of 1700ish in rural Ohio, turning on one’s Tinder can be a real experience. A small but mighty group makes up Kenyon’s Tinder using population, and here are some of the people you might run into…

  1. People with clinical depression
  2. People you only see in the athlete section on South Quad during Sendoff
  3. People who want to share their poetry but don’t have another avenue for it
  4. People who are “too cool” for Instagram but have a strange amount of photos of themselves
  5. People who wanna try out Chilitos, but not like, alone
  6. Recently “divorced” Kenyon married people
  7. Recently returned Kenyon-Exeter kids who are truly, deeply alone

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