Dumb Fall Break Shit: The Editors Reflect

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 8.30.31 PM

Ahh, the mid-semester pause. A break too short for significant travel but just long enough for you to procrastinate on all those papers you have to write. The Editors looked back at our fondest memories of Breaks of Autumns Past.

  • Slept for 18 hours straight, ate four pieces of toast, then slept for another 10 hours (I wasn’t sick, just tired)
  • Took a nap in the nondenominational prayer room at John Glenn International Airport
  • Freshman year spent the long weekend getting high in various locations and smoking out of bowls made out of apples
  • Sophomore Year watched the entirety of Twin Peaks season 3 while lying on crumb-covered  Mather carpet then experienced a mental break in the VI and decided to try marathoning it all again. Only made it through 11 (?) episodes before ending the charade for good
  • Junior year watched all three seasons of Twin Peaks, the prequel movie, and ninety minutes of deleted scenes—projected on the ceiling of an Old K double while lying on the ground—in just under forty-two hours and then immediately threw up due to eating a spoiled frozen chicken pot pie
  • Played slap the bag and tried to learn how to ride a bike; did not learn how to ride a bike
  • Went for a brisk autumn walk and just couldn’t stop crying the entire time. Nothing was wrong I just couldn’t stop crying
  • Took a double dose of Ativan and went to the dentist

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