Fun DIY Crafts To Make With The Crow Feathers You May Find Around Campus

Endless Potential

We’ve all seen them, and we’ve definitely all heard them–crows. We give them trees, in which they do such bird activities as roost, perch, and preen, and in return, they give us feathers. Scattered throughout campus, there are a number of uses for these feathers that we students take for granted. Here are some ideas:

  • Quill. Impress and confuse your professors this fall by taking a mysteriously gaudy case out of your bag and opening it to reveal a long black quill and handmade inkwell. Your professors will be so awestruck at this act that no matter what you write with your new pen, it is guaranteed to have the air of Shakespeare’s manuscripts, the Declaration of Independence, and even Julius Caesar’s poorly written yet widely studied De Bello Gallico.
  • Eggs. Glue your crow feathers to eggs and make these funny little guys, then place them around your room in inconvenient locations, such as in your refrigerator, in your microwave, or in your roommate’s bed.
  • Winged skeleton. It’s almost Halloween, baby! Glue crow feathers to the back of a decorative skeleton and watch it fly! This spooky yet entertaining decoration will have your guests asking “why?” right before it comes to life and escapes your room. Good luck finding it. And keeping your friends.
  • Feather duster. Tired of dust collecting around your room? There’s an easy and free solution for this dilemma: tie some crow feathers to a stick. This is both cost-effective and sanitary, so it’s really a win-win.
  • Make your own feather pillow. Feather pillows are going out of style. They are also not traditionally made with such large feathers as those from crows. But isn’t the point of a liberal arts education to challenge tradition? Go ahead and make that crow feather pillow. Do it to prove some kind of point. And it makes a great gift!
  • Fan. This one is similar to the feather duster: free and effective. Fan the feathers out and tie them together to create a refreshing cooling tool just in time for the cold weather. 

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