Meet a PC: Ella Musher-Eizenman ’22

The Thrill features a member of a student-support organization to bring awareness about the various resources available to the student body on campus. This week, we’re featuring Ella Musher-Eizenman ’19, a Peer Counselor from St. Louis, MO. Stay safe this week, and know that there is always someone you can talk to if you need help.


Which building on campus best describes you?

Is it stupid to say Gund Gallery because I’m always there?

What is your favorite Peirce condiment?

Pesto Mayo, objectively the only answer here.

Tell us about your hometown.

I’m from Toledo, Ohio. It’s pretty small, but we have an amazing art museum. Oh, and there’s also a zoo. Yep.

What song have you been jamming to recently?

Any and every song from Lana Del Rey’s new album Norman Fucking Rockwell!

Why did you become a PC?

Mental health is very much a hot button topic at Kenyon College. We’re constantly talking about it or critiquing it or even running from it– essentially, we’re interacting with the concept on a personal and public level regardless of if we want to or not. So, when I saw that the Peer Counselors were looking for applications, I realized that it would be a perfect way to insert myself into the conversation. The Peer Counselors promote mental health and wellbeing on campus, advocate for and empower students, and most of all, are friends to the Kenyon community. Being a PC has not only allowed me to help my friends and fellow students, but it has also introduced me to an amazing, supportive group of other peer counselors that I otherwise might not have.


The Peer Counselors is a small group of Kenyon students working with Kenyon’s Health and Counseling Center to help promote mental health and well-being within the student body. The PC’s are committed to connecting their peers to mental health resources and reducing stigma through mental health education. If you want to speak to a PC, email them at or DM them on Instagram @kenyon_pc. You can also call ProtoCall, a de-escalation, crisis hotline that any Kenyon student can call, at any time, to be connected ted with a professional clinician trained in mental health. How to reach: call campus safety (740) 427-5555 and ask to speak to the counselor on call. 

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