10 o’clock list: How to Treat Your Old K Ghost With Dignity and Respect


“Boo, bitch! Hahaha I’m just playing fam… how was your day?” – my woke Old K ghost

With each new year comes a new home, and with each new home comes new ghosts. If you know anything about Kenyon’s infamous history of supernatural happenings, you know that Old K is 100%, for a fact, no questions asked, zero hesitation, a haunted building. I think it’s about time we students start treating our campus ghosts with some respect. They’re probably much more scared of your blue hair than you could ever be of them.

  1. Make sure that the amount of people in your room at any given time is a multiple of three it makes spirits more comfortable.
  2. Never fully finish anything you eat. Always leave a small offering to your ghost. Even if they can’t eat it, they appreciate the gesture.
  3. Leave music or a movie on when you go to class so they don’t get lonely.
  4. When getting dressed verbally ask, “Does this look cute?” so that they know you value their opinion.
  5. If you’re smoking out of your window, blow a little bit into the room for them. Ghosts like it too. Don’t worry if an alarm starts going off, it is just them thanking you for sharing.

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