The Monday Catchup

Family weekend. Always *such* a treat here at Clown College: College for Clowns. This campus truly transforms with the influx of capital-A-Adults. The traffic patterns in Peirce somehow manage to get worse. You can’t get Wiggins. You can’t get a parking spot. You can’t get into Ascension without weaving around middle aged women marveling at the architecture. You can’t get a seat at an acapella concert (?!?!). You can’t even get into your scheduled office hours without having to wait for some parents to finish talking to the professor who hasn’t had their kid in class since Quest for Justice, 3 years ago. And of course, it’s prime time for anything that needs an audience. Nothing like a full audience of people who may or may not have any opinion on whatever they just saw, other than “well that was fun!” or, “my, that was sad.”

Here’s a summary of my weekend:

  • High: my friend’s mom bought me Tide Pods.
  • Low: cried in front of the sherif.
  • Buffalo: sprouted a new freckle on my eyelid overnight.

But enough about MY weekend… Here’s what the people have to say, to that all-revealing question:

How Was Your Weekend?

“I had fun in a way where I didn’t have fun. A lot of pre-fun activities that didn’t lead to fun.”

“I saw a dad taking pictures of the omelette line.”

“Much like the dairy I spilt in my bed, not quite cold, not quite warm, but dissatisfying both in the moment and in retrospect.”

~~A Look Ahead~~


  • a play about horses and nothing else
  • also known as On Time, a Shepherd’s Rhyme

When: Friday the 24th & Saturday the 25th at 8:00

Where: The Harlene Marley Black Box

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