Call To Action: Let’s Rig the Send-Off Poll


Hi everyone.

On Saturday, Social Board sent out an email with the subject line, “SENDOFF ARTIST POLL – We want to hear your input!” It was a list of an odd assortment of genres (“Rock/Pop”? Are those really the same thing?) where you chose one to vote for and maybe possibly they might pick an artist that vaguely belongs to one of those genres. Well, I’ve had it, officially. I think it’s time for us to rig the poll.

The poll is a list of five genres: “Hip-Hop/R&B,” “Electronic/DJs,” “Rock/Pop,” “Country,” and “Indie/Alternative.” I’m starting a movement: let’s all vote for Country.

Now, I’ve never actually seen the Send-off artist. I was abroad last spring and the two years earlier I always left before the music actually started. I like Send-off because I like hanging out on Peirce lawn, shenanigans, free food, etc. But still, I think it’d be really funny if we got some no-name country star to come to Gambier and sing about, like, beer and fishing. If we all do it they can’t say no (except I think they totally could because I don’t think they actually share the results of this poll. Oh well).

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